Github's Student Developer Pack with Travis CI and 100$ Digital Ocean credit

GitHub recently introduced the Student Developer Pack, a program that allows students free access to a set of 14 developer services. If you are 13 years or older, are enrolled in degree or diploma granting course of study, have a school-issued email address, and have proof of enrollment you are eglible and can sign up for the new program.

A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
Install cloud applications in a single click
Business 3 plan (value $49/month) for one year
Crowdsourcing and data enrichment platform
Access to the CrowdFlower platform ($2,500/month) and $50 in worker credit
Simple cloud hosting, built for developers
$100 in credit
Simple DNS management with one-click services and a robust API
Bronze hosted DNS plan ($3/month) for two years
Powerful collaboration, code review, and code management, includes 5 private repositories.
Micro account ($7/month) with five private repositories while enrolled as a student
Live programming help available 24/7
$25 in credit
Domain name registration and SSL certificates
One year free .me domain name registration ($9/year) and one year free SSL certificate ($9/year)
Unified search, time-series, geolocation, graph database and API
Developer account ($49/month) while enrolled as a student
Screen sharing for collaboration in teams
Individual account ($10/month) while enrolled as a student
Email infrastructure as a service
Student plan 15K free emails/month (normally limited to 200 free emails/day) while you're a student
Web and mobile payments, built for developers
Waived transaction fees on first $1,000 in revenue
Travis CI
Continuous integration platform for open source and private projects
Private builds (normally $69/month) while you're a student
Unreal Engine
A complete suite of game development tools for PC, console, mobile, web and VR
Unreal Engine (normally $19/month) while you're a student

Microsoft's has a related program named DreamSpark that provides access to Microsoft software like Windows 8.1, Windows Server, and Visual Studio Ultimate.